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Love through the miles

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                                   Forever My Darling - Aaron Neville mwv

Many people have touched the edges of my life,coming and going, scarcely leaving an impression. But you're an uncommon person, someone who has made a difference in my life. So it's not surprising that I find myself thinking of how special you are... and wanting us always to remain close.

You may not be here next to me but every second and minute your presence lingers on in my thoughts and prayers; renew my spirit to greater most highest place. Moment we share together are memories I surely treasure forever. Your passionate way of making me feel love, cared for and happy, I will cherish till death do us apart. 

Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss. I also realized that distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough.

There were million times that I wish I was there, to kiss you Goodnight. I wish I was there, to hold you so tight. I wish I was there, to gaze into your face. And wonder why angels, have come to this place. I wish I was there, to talk all night long, or sit in the presence, of the one that I love. I wish I was there, to tell you I care. I wish I was there, to tell you, you captured my heart and you'll always be there.

 If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together. There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you. 

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If tomorrow never comes

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                              Laura Pausini - It's Not Goodbye lyrics

As I looked out of the tempered window and out the far end gloomy sky it was your memories which clouded my eyes. It had been long since that I have seen you and the memories of the last evening together and all the evenings in the past was the most precious I'll ever have and the memory of you will keep my life passing day by day.

If only I had know that it was a evening which would not come for a long time I would have frozed  that moment, that evening and that togetherness for ever. You once told me that we should embrace our moments together as if tomorrow never comes, but deep inside your heart you knew that I would come to you in every evening as I do , just to shelter under your love and your smiles.

It's not always easy to wait for the person you love and some times heart never understand what the mind say , knowing very well that your new life has made you tremendously busy and for some time you need to concentrate on your future but for the past few days I have always come to the place we meet hoping that you will come to see me. It is yet the hope that I have deep inside that one day I may see you again. 

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year I will come in hope to see you and even if I may never see you again you will be with me in every single breath of mine and all the time we spent together and all the stolen moments will be in a sacred place in my heart. I will wait for you until the last second in my life with a deep down hope that you will be mine again ....

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I will always love you

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                              Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

I always believe that God put people in to life for better or worst and God put you in my life to make it better when I was in a worst situation. You were the sunshine which bought me happiness in every passing day. I was happy with your existence  I felt complete and felt whole as a woman. Every single day I thanked God for making me find you and there were times I silently thought what made us take this journey together. It was a unique love as we were like soul mates and every single minute I spend with you was the happiest I would ever recall. I never regret falling in love with you and I never will as you are in deep place in my heart and bonded with my soul.

Circumstances around us don't allow me to come to you anymore and some times I fear if I ever see you again, if I ever see you smile, if I ever hear your voice and if you ever be mine again. Some times I think if we have reached the end but we both know we don't have an end and only death would take you away from me. I know I have to be strong and patient with my inner feelings for you yet this fragile heart of mine is soaked with pain of missing you by my side.

Yet.....I believe that I met you for a reason and I believe that our journey has not come to an end but just going through a turbulence period and I need to be with you and by your side. Love is not seeing each other and talking every day but a very powerful bond of hearts and souls. I believe that God would give me strength to over come this tough time and as I silently keep loving you and praying for your success.....

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                                                      Unforgetable- Christophe Willem

As I look far away at the descending sky which was gloomy and dull as my heart. I slowly mesmerize every little detail which happened between us in the past 24 hours. Can it possible that a little misunderstanding can lead to such heartache or have I loved you more to be hurt over a little joke or did I forget that I was not a little girl any more ........

I realized it was not any of above but some thing far more stronger than that which held me in your heart. It was what we have built over the time which has strengthen it's wings with love, respect, caring and understanding. It's a relation which has a meaning more than a common understanding. It was not just WE alone but US together made this relation unique and beautiful. 

Living those hours with out you was a night mare and slowly I felt I was dying inside. Your love had made me alive and happy and yet those few hours were the most longest ever I have experienced. My eyes were damp with tears rolling down as every minute you passed my thoughts and I endlessly kept looking at your pictures which I treasure so much. I closed my eyes to feel your smile which undoubtedly the most beautiful smile I've ever seen on a man. I embraced my self in the lingered kisses you made on my cheeks, forehead and chin and the passionate kisses on my lips.  Through my tears I smiled remembering the funny faces you made when I was mad or the precious stolen moments we secretly share. Some times it's the serious discussions we have engulf our selves or the future plans to reach certain goals. We share so much together  and so much in common and we both believe that we met each other for a purpose and for a reason.

Though we both were hurt deeply from the conversations which kept swinging in to sides, we both realized that giving up each other was not worth the argument. It's true that we share a very special bond which we both are connected from body and soul. It was not easy living those hours with out you beside me and I felt how much you have become part of me. The tears I shred made me realize how much I value you in my life and how much I love you. My whole being was slowly dying with the thought of you leaving me and I knew that I will not survive the enormous pain it will give me.

I love you and I always will . You are my angel , my strength and my courage and I 'm not ready to give away what we both built together for a mare misunderstanding and still there's a long and rough journey ahead of us. We have just begun to walk together and in the embrace of your hands with my hand was electrified with strength  and I vowed my self that no matter what I will not let misunderstandings  or heartbreaks pull us apart. You built a world for me and you made me the queen of it and it is my responsibility to protect my king, which I promise to do so. 

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Magical kiss

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                                   Could I Have This Kiss Forever ~~ Whitney Houston ft. Enrique

It was another rough day and I felt so alone and lonely. Life has it's own version of heartache and I was in middle of another dramatic event which have exhausted  me inside out. Hurting words and painful events were becoming more of a daily routine. Some times it's hard to fight the battle inside me alone and many nights have become sleepless as I have shread the tears on the pillow till it soaked. 

Now pain and hurt seems to be passing me each day with out notice as I have gain strength to face them with courage and your love has made me stronger. It has always given peace in heart just to look at you and to pour my tears with out shame. Your love and kindness have held me up at all times of difficulties and your soothing loving words were always a greatest heal to my mind and soul.

Yet it's the magical kiss on my forehead which you give ,every time I need you. The power of that kiss can't be expressed in mare words for with the kiss I feel protection , loved and care. I still remember that it was you who once cuddled me in your arms when I felt afraid and kissed my forehead and said '' This is a magical kiss to say all is well ''........And how true you were, the moment your lips touched my forehead I felt it has done wonders to me. Every time I felt down you made sure you cuddled me in your arms and the magical kiss was laid on me. Like little girl, I ponder in those kisses and believing that all is well after it. 

With bitterness in life I was granted with a precious love like you and I honestly don't know what I did to deserve an angel like you in my life but I'm glad that God gave me you as in every step I take with you I feel that I'm blessed and love, and thank you for loving me and being my strength at all hard times......Mostly thank you for the magical kisses which heal all pain and bring back the smiles I lost. 

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Tear on my pillow

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When I lay in my bed in the night
I toss and I turn dreaming of you
The day to come seems no where in sight
Weeping quietly on my pillow I hold

My heart beats only for you
My eyes wateryand  tears flowing 
My arms crave to hold you once more
My soul is withering away deep from it's core

I miss you every single day
I miss you so much that my heart ache so
I miss you my love, I miss you all the way
I miss you and I can't take it any longer

I feel that I have lost my way
It's hard to make it through the day
I don't know how I made this long
I don't know how I've stayed this strong

My heart is loudly cry for you
My soul aching  out for love so true
Patiently waiting for you to come back
To make me yours for ever again

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Hearts we speak

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I thought of you again and the moment I opened my eyes it was your smile that crossed my mind. How strange we met and how strange we fell in love with each other. It was your words I ponder very much and each day and I waited till you came. They were unforgettable evening of laughs on little jokes and with out any warning you silently crept into my mind. I was not aware what my heart was whispering but slowly I listened to those whispers which echoes your name. Step by step you opened your heart for me to come closer and silently we built a very firm foundation of love, understanding and respect. 

There were many times that I wanted to know why we let our selves find each other and create this unique love which exist beyond one's imagination and I still remember when you said that we may never find an answer for what has become our destiny. Our journey together has an unknown story which is yet to be revealed but for what we have become together is more powerful than mare string of words. 

There were times we spent hours  just smiling with each other, with long chats and funny jokes. Little distractions when your mind was occupied always brought the once buried humor in us. We both had an amazing way of communicating with mind and heart and you once called it soul talk, and yes, you were right all along. It was not the words which were powerful between us but our souls together which has it's own music played where only you and me can hear. 

Love is always powerful and we together is one of unique stories love can ever reveal. Some times life has it's own surprises and for us to meet each other over thousand of miles across and despise the distance we fell in love. Many a times we proved that distance is merely a number considering the strength of love we both have reaped. It was God's wish for us to meet and though we take the path to an unknown destiny, we both know we will survive together as friends, lovers and soul mates till the last breath. 

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My love, my hero

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               Dad, You're My Hero - Tribute from a daughter to her father

As years go by I have watched the man I ever loved first growing old gracefully. The bond between a father and daughter is far more stronger than any bond which exist. As others even I have not been able to pour out the exact feelings of this amazing relationship but I know that every daughter would feel exactly the same when they are asked about their hero and their first love ,which with out doubt is their father. 

No man in the world would love a daughter like a father and he is the only man who will never hurt his daughter in feelings and actions. Father's love and protection is precious to any daughter and to me it was the same. My father became my strength when I struggled in life and the powerful shoulder the lean on when my eyes filled with tears and heart with pain. 

Father or as I called Thathi was a great source of strength all through my life and his encouraging words and patience have guided me to all hurdles courage and dignity. His kindness and love have been wrapped around me from the day I was born and he showered me with luxuries all he can effort. As I grew up he became more humble towards me and his understanding about my turbulent years was beyond expectation. 

Today I play a vital role of being a mother and a wife and all through the years my Thathi's love remained unchanged as in his eyes still i'm his little girl and to me he'll always be my first love. 

Thathi, words will never be enough to say how much you mean to me and how powerful your love is to me. You have been an amazing  father to me, to my sister and brother and to have you in my life is a blessing. Today , you celebrate another birthday and my all the blessings of the Gods, give you good health and many more happy years to come. Thank you for being a great father and most of all thank you for loving me unconditionally and never hurting me in any way. May all daughter's in the world be blessed to have a great father like you. Love you with all my heart. 

Happy birthday to you .....

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Tattooed hearts

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                                  Westlife & Diana Ross- When you tell me

When I need you I close my eyes to the faded memories of us together in a sandy beach, where we ran in the sand and get wet our toes, giggling and laughing like little children who seems so carefree. Walking along with the hands tightly clasped with each other and  as the desire burns when our eyes silently steal quick glances of the burning fire in heart

As the moon brightly shines above and as the stars smile at us, I embraced my self more in to your arms, to feel it's warmth and the coldness of your breaths. As you look deep into my eyes with so much tenderness and love, I always loose my self beyond any controls. Your dazzling smile have melted my heart as I keep looking at you with so much love and desire. 

Your lips soft on my skin, giving ticklish feelings and arousing me to the highest ecstasy. Touching my bare skin with your strong fingers and your lips exploring my soul, discovering it's sweetness under the moon lit stars. Our bodies have passionately locked with each other as our souls have finally entwine. Your touch have set my heart on fire, raising ever so slowly to build an utmost desire. As the sea waves crash in a distance, we would slowly reach the highest ecstasy together. 

It was not our bodies, but our souls as well which played it melodically music in to perfection. Every thing between us was a perfect match and the thoughts and feelings where a perfectly blended with it's out pouring love and care. Some times it's hard waiting for you but for the sake of our love I'll wait my entire life time to see you to be with you and mostly to make you mine from heart, soul and body.

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Friends for ever

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I still remember the first day we met
I was  too shy to say much at all
It's funny to think back to that time
To know how soon decades have gone

You came back at an unexpected moment
Like the wind whispering through the trees
You taught me life time lessons and never to forget
Patiently seeking me to grow in the light of your eyes

You are friend I'm bless to have
A friend who lifted me up
When I loose my way in the dark 
You were there to hold me from hurt

When dark storms cloud my heart
When sadness fills my heart
You are there when ever I call your name
It's then I realize the depth of friendship

Our bond is special in every way
It is unique in its own beautiful way
Your care and love had always payed high
And you are some one I could never replace

You are always there for me
When my spirits need a little lift
I cannot thank you enough for that
You are truly an extraordinary gift.

With each passing day we will grow
To make this friendship become stronger
I hope you'll never leave my side 
As we celebrate the uniqueness of our gift

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