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Weeping tears

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I love no one but you, and you know that very well, but you are far away and I am here alone in my own little world. Then this is my life and maybe, however unlikely, I’ll find my way back to the place I once belonged, or maybe, one day, I’ll settle for what's meant to be.....

I still weeps for you late at night, when sleep does not come easily, when my pillow gets wet with the pouring rivers of my pain. It weeps for the one I miss. It weeps for the dreams on the tips of your fingers. It weeps for appointments missed and it weeps for the smiles we shared once. It weeps for the silence and it weeps for the noise. It weeps for the little love notes you wrote to me once, secret words were spoken as close to your ear as possible. It weeps for betrayal, intended or not. It weeps for the friends you once were. It weeps for the colors faded. It weeps for sunrise and it weeps for the glowing moon. It weeps for the long forgotten stolen moments and the unforgettable magical kisses. It weeps for who we were and who were are and for all the little memories that haunt day and night yet too far to embrace. It weeps for the last time you touched. It weeps for words that can never be taken back. It weeps so hard and so much and so often. So you don't have to. So you can carry on. It weeps for you. When you have run out of weeping you just remain a memory....A memory that I will be hold in deep in my heart, in a place unforgotten and sacred, some where deep where you will always remain untouched.  

Wish you were here. Wish I was there. Wish it was different. Wish wishes came true.
I'd wish you back.

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Missing moments

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Here feeling so down
Not having you around
With aching heart I wander
To embrace you in my arms

My heart aches when I don't see you
My heart waits for words from you
Remembering your smile all the time
I miss you so this time

I love you more and more each day
Hope you know how my heart aches
Miss you and your words each day
Even your absence, I feel you near

I miss you more than words can say 
Every minute feel like so long
I want to hide my self in your love 
Don't wanna miss you even for a while 

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Silent love

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I closed my eyes ...How easily you broke my heart and walked away. How easily you shattered my dreams , our dreams. You shattered me into pieces and left me. Every passing moment I think of you and our times together. I'm struggling hard to put your memory away but every time I try to forget you keep haunting me. Though how much I try, I find it hard to push you into past and see the beauty of other things around me. You are still part of me and it will take a long time to heal this pain you intently gave me.

We both had a dream and slowly we were beginning to reach that dream. Unexpectedly, you with drew your self from every thing and left me. You left me with a broken heart , a broken promise and a broken dream.When things are broken no matter how much glue or tapes you use to hide the cracks the cracks will be visible. I always had the ability to hide my cracks but where you are concern I'm weak , as the light it self reflects my scars in perfection.

We have been in this road before, you and I , but as long as we keep thinking of each other it will keep on hurting us.The feelings are hurting , the memories painful, emotions are over whelming and each time we both get carried away. In this painful run we both have been broken each others heart more times than should be allow. I was nothing till you came to my life and who I am or what I am is what I inherited from you and I wouldn't take any of it back. I owe you more than words can ever say. But time has come to let you go. It is not possible to let go of some one I loved deeply and who was by my side every step of the way. I use to lean on you at hard times and every time I felt protected and sheltered under your wing and the guidance you gave me every time I needed, were life time lessons. You gave me so much that any one could ever have and letting you go is the hardest of all. My humble heart still want you beside me , to be my strength, my courage and to be my pillar and most of all to love me. We have had our chance, our many chances. And we can't manage to get it right. So that tells me it's time to stop. I don't want to break anymore and mostly I don't want to hurt you. 

You once said to me that I'm hurting you and I didn't love you the way you wanted, how true you are. I know why you left me but just wish you gave me little more time to love you back slowly. It was a long wait for you and you lost your patience and every time you got hurt because of me. I'm sorry for every word I said to you, for every action and for keeping you for long. Loving you was the easiest and I told you so many times. You have inspired me in every way that you made me see who I am. You have changed me so much in every way that I know I cannot replace you in my life. I'm happy with things I  love most , what you gave me but I'm still holding onto you, to those beautiful memories. To the love you gave so freely and I took with a happy heart. You never understood my love to you silent love.

You are hurting me immensely but it doesn't make me love you any less or forget you. Every thing you gave me will be with me and I will keep loving every moment I spent with you. But time has come to move on. I'm done holding onto you, done wishing things were different. Some things just cannot be, and despite our best efforts it appears that we are one of those things. I love you forever and for always, but I am going to disappear now. You will not find me again. I am done being broken and done carrying this broken heart. I want you to be happy in what path you choose and I promise that silently I will think of you every step of my life.

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