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They say there's a reason and time will heal, but neither time or reason will change the way I feel. No one knows the heartache which lies behind our smiles. No one knows how many times we broke down and cried. I wan't to tell you some thing so there won't be any doubt .You are so wonderful to think but hard to be with out.....

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The truth I lied

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I lied to you when I told you that I forgot you. I lied to you when I told you that you don't matter any more. I lied when you asked for reasons and I know they don't matter now. But I want to tell you the truth for last time ever and never lie to you........Because that's how it all started once.  

You are the only one I loved and cared, the only one that mattered and was there. You are the truth of my life once but I lied when I let you go. I lied because I had to and I lied for you. 

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Loneliness in marriage

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A very dear friend of mine requested me to write about the issues in marriage which we lacked to discuss in public and this is a little effort to fulfill that request .....

'' My husband stays out most of the 24 hrs including weekends, and I' m dying because of loneliness. What to do? ''
With years of marriage and with responsibilities on our shoulders most marriages loose the spark and usually either one of them fall into the path of loneliness. It is indeed very sad that you fall in love with someone get married and after years you feel lonely even though that person exist in your life. Usually it is the women who feels this as by nature women are very sensitive and delicate and they need love and care from the person they love. Women communicate differently than men and they bond over very emotional content whereas men shared to bond over shared activity but either of differences it is very essential for both husband and wife to communicate with each other and understand their differences and needs.
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Blessing in disguise

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As I lazily gazed over the lush greenery to have glimpse of you and as I watched you, a smile curved on my lips to think of every little thing which has happened that made us feel so bonded together.  It's amazing what life brings but finding you in a time which I needed you most was like it was meant to be. I was like a fragile doll wandering around aimlessly in life when you walked in and became my shadow. It was mutual interest which kept our friendship yet deep in unspoken words you became a strong pillar for me to lean on. 

I was afraid to fly to the world  or even wanted to spread the my wings to fly again. Pain and hurt was surrounded in this little heart of mine and soul shattered in to piece which could never be embarked again. When courage and hope has lost it's path I felt I was left to be drown in the depth of oceans to shatter the beauty of life I once believed in. But I forgot that there are things which are meant to be in and that's when you crossed my path in life. You were a blessing in disguise as I believe and slowly you crept into my heart ,soothing all wounds which have it's existing scars. Your words were the hope I once lost and your kindness was more than I could expect and you cared for me in every way you possibly could. You became a friend I could trust and endless times I cried shamelessly before you. Your strong arms came around me and held me strong every time I failed to gain strength to walk the journey of life .and as I looked in your eyes I saw a trust in a strong relationship I never had before.
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Colors of love

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Love isn't about the romantic nights or candle lit dinners showered with expensive gifts. It isn't about fireworks going off around you when you have that first real, kiss. Love isn't about kissing in the rain and dancing beneath the stars. It isn't about the big moments or the big surprises. Love is not a fairy tale...  Love is about still having the butterflies after years and the spark every time you look into your lovers eyes. It’s about the second looks and laying in bed wide awake, all night, because you can’t go to sleep mad at each other. It’s about being willing to sacrifice, literally everything for someone, just because you care so deeply for them. It’s not about buying them gifts, but it’s about leaving them little presents here and there, just to remind them that you are constantly thinking about them. Love is about all of the little things, that add up to really big things. Love is rare and special, but should not be treated as if it will break. Love needs to be thrown around and beat up a little bit, worn in, but not worn down. Love should never be taken for granted knowing that it will never leave you. Love needs to be a comfortable feeling, a place to go when NO ONE else in the world can relate. A place to dwell your heart when you are emotionally down , a place to hold you tight and give you strength to move on. Love is a place you seek when you are afraid ,knowing the greatest place of comfort is.  A safe place, where you know that no matter how ugly you look or how angry you are, you will still be… loved.

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