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Just one more time

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                              one more time

If I could hold you one more time .....I needed to be in your arms to feel your embrace. To feel your touch as I did.To feel your presence in me.Every time I think of you,my lips part with a smile and I hear whispers of your  voice calling me. Life is never a  paved garden of roses  and we both knew it. Disappointments  heartaches, broken promises and shattered dreams are what we both experienced, but all the appointment's were faded away with just one beautiful smile on your lips.

You tell me how your day brighten with my little poems and romantic verses and the smiles you carry the whole day. I cannot help, but to think about the days we'll be together again with long walks on moonlight beaches holding hands and embracing each others bodies to feel the warmth. If I could hold you one more time as I did.

Tonight has come for a one more time with  you..........Tonight I'll be beside you to make you feel my love, tonight I'll hold you in my arms till the dawn reach out. Tonight we'll celebrate our love under the stars and tonight let's be one in body and soul....Let's make the love fill the air with our desire for each other. Tonight,we'll lost our selves in the silence of the night and feeling the warmth of each other.

Just let me feel your love for one more time. Your smile which captivated my heart and your words which ponder my soul. Let me walk with you till the end of this life,loving you till I could love no more. One more to be with you and one more time to love you more than I ever did.


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It's not good bye

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              Laura Pausini- It's not good bye

Without any precaution, and without a trace of apprehension you appeared in my world as you did, bringing me a pleasant surprise, that I couldn't resist.
But like this, without me knowing ,you quietly disappeared, from my world, without a word, leaving behind only my memories

You were the music in my world and the lyrics of my heart and you are the notes of love which lifted me up. If my life was a song, you were it. You were the chorus, and the verses and you were the whole song in my heart which I murmured day and night.

You  existed deep in my heart, my dreams and in my life and though at one time we existed as stranger who walked together , unnoticed. One look and one beat in heart was an unexpected delight and it was like a dream which was destined.  At times I did wonder why we met each other , could it be chance or destiny or was this planned by God to make us feel that some times the love in heart is powerful beyond any norms? 

What ever the reason I always believed that we have met for a reason and among so many people we meet every day, our hearts stopped at each other despise the miles between us. Loving in a form where the feelings can be expressed barely in words yet reveling it's deepest emotions was what we felt in each other and for each other.

It was a moment where your love was powerful and you thought only of happiness and well being of me , and though it was a hasty decisions by you , you decided to leave me . I knew the reason and I also knew you thought only of me at that moment. It was a long lonely night for me and the thought of you kept haunting my heart and every time I thought of you my eyes couldn't stop it's tears. I felt my heart was stabbed into pieces and the thought of you not coming back bewitched my soul. It was the longest day in my life and with in hours I was  a weak and fragile soul.  

In my heart I knew you would come back or I would go to you and wrap my self in your embrace. I want to hold you till the last heart beat and never let you go. I want to be embraced in your warmth to feel the breaths from you and until you come I will wait silently loving you, knowing that the love we built is stronger and we both can't survive with out each other. I know the wait for you will end soon and in my life I'll have you again , to  have you to my self  and for ever.

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Fragile soul

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              Photography - Nadeem Dar

Many years have silently gone 
Oldness in his face has grown
Wrinkles on face are more visible 
With fragile bones to make him weak

Now a lonely soul down the alley
No one to talk or smile through the day
Night bring peace and comfort
Days just passed unmarked

White long beard cover his face
Pain of life all in the face
Tear drop covers his brown eyes
When he recalls memories of past

He silently waits for his last call
Praying that it will be peaceful
No desire for richness or gold 
Only wish for a happy heart 

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To my valentine

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There's a special place in my heart
where I can feel you near.
No matter how far, darling, you are
in my thoughts you appear.

The way we love each other
makes it hard to be apart
so when I can't hold you in my arms,
I hold you in my heart.

I'm going to try to speak the words
that my heart wants you to know
I want you to see what you mean to me
and why I love you so.

Nobody else can know my thoughts
and touch my soul like you can
No one can melt my heart like you do
simply by holding my hand.

You are the reason why I go on.
Distance can't separate this special bond.
This heart of mine is reserved for you.
Forever it is yours, for this love is true.

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My love for you

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                                            Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

How beautiful life is when heart is full of love and your love to me had made me complete. I close my eyes to recall the memory of our first encounter. It was late night when my eyes first locked with yours and even to this day it is the same feelings I carry for you.  I loved you for many reasons and mostly to what I saw in you. I loved you for what you made me feel when I'm with you and the gentle care you gave for me. Every single moment I wanted to spend my time with you, sometimes just looking deep into your eyes was enough to satisfy my soul. Some times it was your smile I silently watched or your lips which utter whispering words of love. 

There were times you asked me why I fell in love with you and though I don't have an exact answer to this day,I will try to pour it out what I feel. My love for you is like the sky with dreams that soar and hopes that fly. Some times it's like a never ending  deep ocean with an ever lasting powerful emotions. At times it's like spring, which has tenderness and purity. Some times it has the the charm and warmth to the childish laughter we share.  Most of time my love has the strength of a stone to over come any obstacle and shield us from life alone and  my heart is filled with love which words can't express of  it's depths or lengths. My love for you is ever growing each day and ever new every time I'm with you. 

I love you because I know you’re always there to catch me when I fall. To listen when I need you,  when I feel alone. I love you because you understand me, you know how I feel even when I can’t say it. You know I’m not as strong as I say and still you never let me know that I’m not fooling you. I love you because you make me believe, believe that I am not worthless,believe that I am worth it. I love you for many reasons and feelings are still trapped inside my heart and unable to put into words. My love for you is always there yesterday, today and every day and this is my promise to you.

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Let me light your way

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If I wish one thing, is to be a candle
Lighting the darkness in your heart
To make your life easier without pain
Not to be lost with your own fears

I'll keep you from falling over
Things blocking your path to pull you under.
If I light your path, life will be easier,
Even in strong wind my light will not burn

No matter what, I'm here for you
To smile you up when you are blue.
Do not scare when times get tough,
If things rough or kind of  blue

Just remember,I'm always there
In your heart,so close and near.
I will help you out in every way,
To bring  the smiles your way 

But one day you may leave me behind
You may no longer want me by your side
If that day comes, go on your way
And I will hope to see you again one day.

If one day, I don't appear,
Do not worry, do not fear
I may be gone, but in your heart
The light I gave you will not depart.

Love I give will be there forever and every day
To always bring happiness and light your way.
Just close your eyes and think of my love
If the path grows dark, in your heart, I'm there.

So I'm really not gone, just not seen,
I would not leave, I'm not that mean.
My love and my blessings with you always,
Please,never forget that my light is in your way.

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Winds of change

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                           Richard Marx - Right here waiting for you

I recall the memories of those days where things were perfect and spending lot of time together, laughing, smiling and joking. Those were the best time of our relationship and frequent calls and messages kept the fire burning. Your love and care was given to me  and how I nuzzle in that love. Every day I waited impatiently to see you and when you did come I was completely lost in your words, in your eyes and mostly in your beautiful smile.

In a very unexpected moments a storm hit your life and I know it collapse your whole world. I knew you as the most fun, loving and a strong personality but how quickly things changed for you.  Still the words echo in my mind when you said how broke you are and never to except you to be normal again.  You didn't even wanted me to try to bring back the man I once loved.
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A mother's love

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Only mothers  love can understand  our tears
Calm our fears and sooth our hearts 
Only mothers love can feel our joy 
When dreams come true and when we happy

Only a mother love can help us grow
How her faith will hold us strong
Only a mothers love will inspire us 
To be better people for tomorrow

Only a mothers  love is  like an ocean
And protects us like a shield 
Only a mothers love is like a beacon 
To give us light above the rest 

Only a mother can brighten any moment
Give us smile at all hard times 
Only a mothers love can guide us 
Through all walks of life

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