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Locked memories

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Memories, feelings and escapades of love and and all moments, beautifully wrapped in emotions of my love to you. A love very unique, a love very pure and a love that exist beyond norm. A stranger who just walked into my life has become, My Life and a world beyond you is unimaginably to me and though it's a long short journey and a blend of mixed heart felt emotions.

My eyes decent into empty space memorizing the way your eyes locked with mine, the smile that curved your lips and the power your heart had over me. How I loved that enchanting smile of yours which has its own magic to melt every bone of my soul. The warmth of your kisses still lingers where it awaken the deepest desires and your touch has caress all my painful wounds and my scars were healed with your love.

Endless of times I have wanted to reach back to be with you and to share all of me with you, to cuddle my self in your embrace and to explore the world together, to hold you at hard times and to encourage you at your weakest. Many times I wanted to get my self lost in your eyes which poured so much love, and shadow my self in your soul. I still yarn to be in your arms to feel your kisses on my forehead and magical touches on my naked skin. I still want to hold you for rest of my life as long as I can, to share all life's moment and watch the dusk till we both age in life........

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Memories hurt

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I wonder why memories hurt so much when you are a shadow of my past......Every time I seek the sanctuary of loneliness, you slowly creep into my mind and take me down the memory lane where the smiles, laughter, pain and tears still painfully make their existence. These thoughts and these memories still have the power to wet my eyes and my heart flood with pain and misery. 

It's hard to forget the little details and the long moments we shared and even though time has passed and life has moved on, the wound is still deep and fresh, weeping for the past I lost and wanting the love, I yarn. I still feel the warmth of your eyes and the beauty of your smile, silently inviting me back to your loving embrace. I cuddle my pillow as I seek for you and tears never felt ashamed to flow down my cheeks as to remind that I still have not let you go and I still hang on for the love of my life. Every dream is a haunted memory of you and a pain I never over came with. I still feel the power of the magical kisses you shower me with and the sweet nectar of words you soothed my soul with and long stolen moments we silently embraced with. Day after day I live within these tortures  of your love and a never ending pain of a beautiful love I lost.  

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Gifted love

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As my eyes flooded with tears, which bled from my heart, burning my cheeks with being helpless of my own self. It was a moment I needed you and your love and with out a single call you heard my pledge and answered my silent call. 

There's no where in the world I would feel safe, than in your arms and without a word you took me into your soul. You embraced me with all your love and caress me with your soothing words. Wiping my hot downpour of tears with the gentle strokes of your finger tips making my feelings console in your presence. 

Your kisses on my forehead, with words of strength  you gently whispered, led me to the path of recovery. You let me tears run as I wanted, but held me strong in your love making me believe in my own strength. 

It is not always we are gifted with such love and you are a gift from above to help me to be who I am. Entering you into my life have bought so much joy but above all you have touched all the simple corners of my life in a profound way that I never knew even existed. 

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Endless love

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Memories, feelings and escapades of love and all moments beautifully wrapped in emotions of my undying love for you, A love unique, a love so pure and a love that exist beyond norm. 

A stranger who just walked into my life has become MY LIFE and a world beyond you has become unimaginable. It's been a long short journey with you and a blend of mixed heart felt emotions. As my eyes descend into empty space I see you, looking at me smiling......How I love that enchanting smile of yours which has unique power to melt every single bone of my soul. Your kisses on my naked skin has awaken all my deepest desires and your touch has caress all of my deepest wounds. All my scars have been healed by your kisses and have enlighten my whole being with your love. 

Endless of times I have wanted to reach for you, to be with you and to share all of me with all of cuddle my self in your warmth and to explore every thing of you and us together. Many times I wanted to get my self lost in your eyes, which pour so much love and to hide my self in your soul. I yarn to be in your arms to feel the heat of magical kisses on my forehead, to listen to our love songs and to enjoy the long lost stolen moments but above all I want to hold you for rest of my life to enjoy all life's little moments and mostly to love you till my last breath.   

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The frozen moments

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Tears fall down my cheek as the memories of you haunt me every single minute. You came into my life as a total stranger and trapped my heart in away that no one else ever had and in a blink you walked away leaving me speechless. I have never been hurt by love the way  you hurted me and never been happy as you made me. Why and how are long lost questions unanswered but the pain still remains unforgotten and still bleeds fresh blood from the heart and salted rivers of tears from my eyes which you dearly loved once. 

Remember when we lay in the beach the whole day staring at the clouds, talking aimlessly, laughing and giggling... I felt so close to you then. Part of me knew that you never belong to me and what you had to do and where you had to go but in that moment… I’d have given anything to stop you.
I still remember how you lazily lay down in the sand and was sleeping with your head on my lap. Like a web after the rain. Like stars in the night sky. I didn't  want to wake you. I just wanted to sit and watch a while longer of every single breath you took, the motion of every muscle in your body and the little sweat dew which covered your body under the blazing sun. 

The unforgettable magical kisses which slightly touched my forehead still lingers its touch where your lips touched my skin. I still feel it's love, the desire and the wants to be embrace in a innocent way that my fingers still feel the warmth of you and your love. You gave me so many little moments to carry through my whole life, so many undying precious moments and above all a beautiful love to be remembered through all times. 
Every thing about you is pictured in my mind and all moments have been frozen in my heart. Every smile, every word, every touch and every dream we had is in my soul. I see every detail of you, hear every sound through silence and smell every scent of love and they will give me strength to carry through the pain .... 

I still stare at the sky at least once a day. Hoping that one day, I’ll see you again.

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As years gone by

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As the dim rays of moon angel and the twinkles of little stars above with the gentle breeze silently swipes in, was a rare moment and it was after a long time that you laid your head on my chest softly for a endless of time. As my fingers played with your soft curls and echos of your simple breaths as we shared a perfect silence. It was a long silence of love and every second was a memory of our journey together. 

After a long time I watched you sleeping in peace, arms wrapped around me and every single breath was warmth to my skin. Years have gone by with out notice and after a very long time I watched you closely. As my eyes wandered through your face noticing the little wrinkles which has taken it's place with out my notice and the little grey hairs have taken a full toll......Was life busy for me to notice, I wondered now.

As my fingers played with your hair, my thoughts were carried down the memory lane and how much have changed through the years. It's true that we were never the perfect couple but with our imperfections we began to find our own selves and above all we learnt to love each other. There were many times we hit the bottom, yet together we manage to stumble up stronger and together. Marriage is not running out when the going gets tough, it's about hanging on and facing the storm and I'm glad that we did that together. 

Though years have gone and we both wrinkled down, I still see the spark in your eyes and still feel your love to me. Little kisses are a gentle reminder that I'm still yours and you, mine. All the years were precious and all moments were dearly held in heart. Every pitfall was over strength and every smile was our blessings. We have crossed many hurdles and yet many more to come and together, I know we can. 

As I smiled looking at you and holding you, I don't regret being with you and loving you. I still love the little cuddles you embrace me with and the little whispers which you silently moans into my ear. I love the way you hold my hand and little secret kisses we steal time to time have become my favorites. This long journey may have more hurdles for us and with you I am stronger to face them and may we have more blissful years to come .......... 

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Silently ...for you

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                                                           John  Legend - All of me

I smiled ......My eyes have always wandered in search of you and after a long wait of patience my eyes found you and the joy I felt just being to be lost in your presence was more than I could put into words. My eyes froze with yours, as your lips curved a beautiful smile, while our hearts touched each other's silently. As you clasped your hand with mine, holding tight and whispering softly, it was the melodic music of love I heard. Every word embraced with love, with eyes full of desire.
It was a beautiful time together, filled with smiles, laughs and memories. As I laid my head on your chest listening to the silent of your breaths, hearing the beating of your heart and feeling the softness of your fingers dancing on my hair. I closed my eyes to feel every single moment we are together and mostly to feel your love for me.
Love, we found was eternal as we are bonded with a soul relation and even with little arguments, misunderstandings, and long silences we have struggled through all obstacle to come this long little journey. I never knew that I could love you this much or my little heart can take all the love you give. You loved me with all my imperfections and all my curves and through the time we reaped a deep understanding, we matured our love in simple ways which made this bond even stronger.
To day as I look back the path we have come, I'm happy that we have become our strength and every encouraging from you is all I need to jump all the puddles and your love is my strength to face the hurdles with out fear. There are so many things I want to say when I look in you, but I have saved all those words for you to understand silently.
Thank you my love for loving me and tolerating my madness with you, thank you for understanding me with out judgment and mostly thank you for choosing me to share your life and I promise you to love even more you ever loved me....... 

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