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Me and you

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After a long time I heard your voice and the smiles made me think of the love I have for you. I believe we all have soul mates in life and sooner or later we cross our paths to experience a journey of love together.  Some times I have no words to express my feelings to you or words to express the depth of my love but I know many times the silence it self has made you feel every thing I ever wanted you to know. Its not always people find soul relations, where you can love from the deepest core of your heart with out lust and we together have proved that  purest of love exist in heart  and not in physical relations. Your voice still bring the melody to my ears and your laughter is the music of my heart. Your words still beat my heart and your love has engulf its beauty to every cell in my body.
I thank God that we have crossed our paths and making me finding the most amazing man to love. From the very first day I met you, I knew you were the one I searched for and being with you made me find my own self......You were my greatest strength and you were my weakness, you were my smiles and my tears and were all of me and I was all of you and together we were a one.
Love can't be searched for  only love will find you when the time is right and you entered my life when I was not looking and having you and making you part of my life has bought all the smiles I once lost...

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If wishes came true

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I love no one but you, and you know that very well, but you are far away and I am here alone in my own little world. Then this is my life and maybe, however unlikely, I’ll find my way back to the place I once belonged, or maybe, one day, I’ll settle for what's meant to be.....

I still weeps for you late at night, when sleep does not come easily, when my pillow gets wet with the pouring rivers of my pain. It weeps for the one I miss. It weeps for the dreams on the tips of your fingers. It weeps for appointments missed and it weeps for the smiles we shared once. It weeps for the silence and it weeps for the noise. It weeps for the little love notes you wrote to me once, secret words were spoken as close to your ear as possible. It weeps for betrayal, intended or not. It weeps for the friends you once were. It weeps for the colors faded. It weeps for sunrise and it weeps for the glowing moon. It weeps for the long forgotten stolen moments and the unforgettable magical kisses. It weeps for who we were and who were are and for all the little memories that haunt day and night yet too far to embrace. It weeps for the last time you touched. It weeps for words that can never be taken back. It weeps so hard and so much and so often as  you carry on and It weeps for you. When you have run out of weeping you just remain a memory....A memory that I will be hold in deep in my heart, in a place unforgotten and sacred, some where deep where you will always remain untouched.  

Wish you were here. Wish I was there. Wish it was different. Wish wishes came true.
I'd wish you back.

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Locked memories

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Memories, feelings and escapades of love and and all moments, beautifully wrapped in emotions of my love to you. A love very unique, a love very pure and a love that exist beyond norm. A stranger who just walked into my life has become, My Life and a world beyond you is unimaginably to me and though it's a long short journey and a blend of mixed heart felt emotions.

My eyes decent into empty space memorizing the way your eyes locked with mine, the smile that curved your lips and the power your heart had over me. How I loved that enchanting smile of yours which has its own magic to melt every bone of my soul. The warmth of your kisses still lingers where it awaken the deepest desires and your touch has caress all my painful wounds and my scars were healed with your love.

Endless of times I have wanted to reach back to be with you and to share all of me with you, to cuddle my self in your embrace and to explore the world together, to hold you at hard times and to encourage you at your weakest. Many times I wanted to get my self lost in your eyes which poured so much love, and shadow my self in your soul. I still yarn to be in your arms to feel your kisses on my forehead and magical touches on my naked skin. I still want to hold you for rest of my life as long as I can, to share all life's moment and watch the dusk till we both age in life........

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Memories hurt

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I wonder why memories hurt so much when you are a shadow of my past......Every time I seek the sanctuary of loneliness, you slowly creep into my mind and take me down the memory lane where the smiles, laughter, pain and tears still painfully make their existence. These thoughts and these memories still have the power to wet my eyes and my heart flood with pain and misery. 

It's hard to forget the little details and the long moments we shared and even though time has passed and life has moved on, the wound is still deep and fresh, weeping for the past I lost and wanting the love, I yarn. I still feel the warmth of your eyes and the beauty of your smile, silently inviting me back to your loving embrace. I cuddle my pillow as I seek for you and tears never felt ashamed to flow down my cheeks as to remind that I still have not let you go and I still hang on for the love of my life. Every dream is a haunted memory of you and a pain I never over came with. I still feel the power of the magical kisses you shower me with and the sweet nectar of words you soothed my soul with and long stolen moments we silently embraced with. Day after day I live within these tortures  of your love and a never ending pain of a beautiful love I lost.  

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