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Hold me

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Rednex - Hold Me for a While
How slow time goes when you are not with me, and how fast the memories flash in my mind. The time we spent together is beautiful and I miss that so much.
It hurts, it hurts so much. I cried myself to sleep for the past few nights, thinking about you. Thinking about how I'll never see you, hold you, touches you. You leaving hurt. It was never easy to love you when thousands of miles were between us, but our trust and communication helped us to come this far.
I'm so tired, my love. When I go to sleep I memorize our time together. I only had one good dream, a dream of us together. I remember waking up snuggled next to you. I am feeling your warmth, laying in the curve of your body, your arms around me and your breaths touching my bare skin, my whole body tingling for a desperate need of your touch.

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Friendship love

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I still wonder how it happened 
A stranger who came so close
You are one of few I opened my heart 
A friend who made me smile so much

There was never a friendship that made me feel this way
A friendship so loving and caring in every way
Distance didn't matter to the friendship we share
We have grown so close in so many ways

Promise me that you'll always be here
Be near when I call your name
I promise to be with you my dear
Just call me when you need to hear

Just turn and look behind you my friend
From the place you use to stand 
And look for me in the shadows
And reach out for my hand 

I don't know what the future holds 
As life journey unbends its stroll
You'll always be in my heart my friend 
And knowing you is the greatest gift of all

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Friends are quite angels

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“Somebody’s gonna drop everything, run out and crank up their car, hit the gas, get there fast, never stop and think what’s in it for me, or it’s way too far. They’ll just show on up, with a big ole heart. You find out who your friends are.”  – Tracy Lawrence

We all have friends and each and every one play different compartments in our lives. Friendship comes in different shapes and sizes and all of them are essential to one's life. Friends are once strangers who cross your path unexpectedly and find out each other's similarities and end up being good friends.

I consider myself as lucky as I’m blessed with so many wonderful friends amongst me. They have become my strength at hard times and faith in each other. They have picked me up when I was down and have stood beside me till I was strong enough to stand on my own. They have understood me to the very deep and when I make mistakes they have tried talking me out of making them again. 
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Broken heart

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I keep searching in all places
Where you are suppose to be 
Deep in my heart and in my soul
As you are all I longed to see

My mind is filled with memories of you
All what we have shared , all what we knew
I longed for your touch and your warm embrace
The look in your eyes and the smile on your face

How do I mend this broken heart
My whole world has fallen apart
Scars and wounds left with pain
You left me making me in vain

Even though you hurt me 
My heart cant let you go 
Time has come to move on
And I want to make sure you know

I never stop loving you and I never will
Deep in my heart you are with me still
It will take time to mend this heart of mine 
But you will be there in every corner of my life

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Her last call

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I lay on my bed tossing around; sleep was nowhere near me. I kept think of everything that happened in the past couple of days and fear of death slowly had crept in my mind and heart. With endless pain in my body, it was time for another regular visit to the doctor and it was finally announced that in my right breast where I had lump which they confirmed was cancer. It was not easy to digest what I heard or what was become of me and all I knew was I had fear inside of what will happen next. As cancer had spread widely on my right breast, the doctors wanted to an immediate surgery and remove it.

I was startled at the thought of losing my breast as the breasts make a woman complete and how I would look with just one breast, but cancer didn't give me any options but to go ahead with the surgery. At the age of 38 I was in the borders of a nightmare of my life and I also had fear how my husband would feel to see me after surgery with one breast and this thought disturbed me more than cancer. My husband was supportive and was with me but deep inside I felt sick....I felt pain ...I felt I’ll never be same again. 
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I promise

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When ever you have fear, remember I'm with you 
When you feel alone never fear I'll leave you
Many times before I've cried as you have
Had a broken heart and so much more

I have know hurt and pain of the cruelest
Yet I have bared them all
Sweep the bitterness off your mind 
And let me be by your side

As at times I've felt as you have
Dear love, I have known them all
Hand in hand let us walk this path
Through the twilight's glow in far

I'm with you always as I've promised
I'll never walk away, leaving you alone
My love for you is endless as an ocean
Because deep down you are my own

All through your darkest hours 
I promise to be near,by your side
No hurdle or pain be unable to bear
As I will be your guiding star

I'll be your candle to guide you through
I'll be your strength at times of weakness
I'll be your smiles at moments of pain 
I'll  be loving you till the end of time

And this is my promise to you.

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Love came through my window

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It was a rainy September and I felt lazy with piled up emails and all other pending letters on my computer and thought of logging in to my social network profile just to cope the tired mind of mine. I do enjoy my social networks and though I'm not addicted I love chatting up with friends and reading all status and making fun , and it was one of those days that I needed a little laugh to over come the gloominess around me. 

It was nice chatting with friends who were online at that time and bringing the past memories were always beautiful to recall. But life is really stuffed with surprises and these surprises arrive when you least expect them . And the weirdest moment I got a poke from a stranger. I never return pokes but to unknown reason I looked into his profile and something deep inside, like an inner voice asked me to return his poke . I have had many good and bad relationships but I've always longed for that special some one that would engulf my dreams, desires and ambitions. In a split of seconds we were in each other’s social networks and our first chat was a very ordinary hello, how are you kind of conversation.
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Beautiful crazy eyes

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Every time I  look into your eyes  I see love that's so precious and rare
Deep in wisdom and thoughts so pure that have touched me within 
Every word from your heart reflects  in your beautiful eyes
Unconditional love I see when sink  into your big brown  eyes

Beautiful crazy eyes I see every time I look
It's beauty wipe me off my feet and loose control
You stared at me not long ago and was lost in your world 
Your eyes protected me from evil and showered me with  love 

Ever single awakening moment I dream of those beautiful eyes
Where  I'm lost with unforgettable memories
I wouldn't expect much from you my love 
Only to be the twinkle of your beautiful crazy eyes.

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Tomorrow may never come

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“Tomorrow is never promised to anyone, so dance until your side hurts; say I love you to those you love; for tomorrow may never come.”

This is one of the most favorite quotes I've heard and just looking at it gives a deep meaning of life and the people we love. How many of us slow down this hectic life style to look around and value the people around our lives? How many of us are thankful for people who are in our life and help us to be who we are? 

No life is perfect and we all play a part to make things right. We work hard to be better person or to be a better professional, and in this chase there's competition around us. Life becomes hectic and stressed and our family and children  becomes our strength who would silently help us to become a better person in the society. These people who are close to you will be with you in all times, without complaining and expecting nothing in return except your well being. With the busy and hectic life style we lead nowadays have made us forget to value the people in our life, to make them feel love in return and have taken them, their love to us for granted. We never stop to think how they feel inside or their needs or what their feelings are.......
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A Stranger

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   Coldness in your eyes I see
   Hardness in your voice I hear
   Heaviness in your heart I feel
   Pain of a lost soul I see

   A stranger you have become
   A stranger that I've never known
   But, in a strange way I feel
   There lies my love with in deep

    I searched in and I searched out
    But couldn't find my love
    Yet, you bear his name but not his soul
    Of the precious love which I've lost

    Your words stabbed my heart
    Your actions hurt my feelings
    I  was helplessly looking for comfort
    In a stranger which I thought was you

    Aimlessly ,you travel in life path
    Not knowing your destination in life
    You have traveled so far, yet alone
    And to me a stranger you have become

    Your words didn't make me smile
    Your actions didn't make me laugh
    The thought of you didn't excite me
    Felt like a stranger had cross my path

    I kept loving you so dear
    You are a stranger yet so near
    I was lost in my thoughts so far away
    Hoping that one day , i'll find my love again

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There's a reason

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So many people walk in and out of our life each and every day and most of the time we are busy even to notice them. At the least expected moment someone special may step into our life and make a difference. We stop our busy lives and we begin to notice them. These are the people who change our lives forever. These people change us and we are never the same again. These are the people who challenge us to make us better in everything we do. These people love us in a different way and in return we begin to love them. Sometimes these people come to our lives to stay and we hold them in our heart and it's called magic. We find a new awakening of our soul with these wonderful people. We reach new heights in life and we begin to do new things which makethe whole life different.  But sometimes we have to let those people, who made a difference, walk away and there's no greater pain on earth like it. It rips your heart and makes you lose control of your life. These are the moments we have to keep on moving knowing how hard the situation is. It is time to hold on the good memories and let go of the bad ones once and for all. We have to love ourselves more, learn to forgive and make ourselves happy though underneath the sadness is much more painful to bear. And once we do that we have changed ourselves, become stronger and most of all, our soul feels free and the lessons we learnt from them and the memories they gave will be in our hearts forever.

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My dream destination - Shangrila resorts

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Dream is a part of human which keeps his hopes alive and few months ago I was tagged in one of the most beautiful resorts in Pakistan by my dear friend Tariq Sulaiman. Surrounded by the mystic mountains and  lake , hidden in the serene valley's was the Shangrila resorts in Skardu. The enchanting beauty of this mystic place captured my heart and soul and made me dwell in this serene beauty where nature and leisure have blended into perfection.

Arif Aslam Khan the chairman of Shangrils Resorts, who's also a dear friend of mine was kind enough to tour me around this enchanting place from pictures and perfect descriptions which even though I haven't been to this magical place in Pakistan I felt I was already there. I was able to picture the amazing beauty of Shangrila , where most local calls '' Heaven on earth '', and how perfect the name fits this resort. 

Shangrila was founded in 1983 by by the late Brig.(Retd) Muhammad Aslam Khan, the first commander of the Northern Scouts who liberated the Northern areas in 1948 and presently expanding it's wings in the hotel industry. Shangrila has hosted many international and local conferences and meetings and also it's a famous getaway for most prestigious people in the world. 

Snow covered mountains in the far end with it's highest peaks reaching the skies and covered with the pure shield of white mist gives the resort a unique beauty of it's own. The heart shaped lake give glamour and coldness to the resort with it's reflecting blue waters add color to the deep green serenity.  Pure red and yellow apples vibrant the resort with it's unirristable aroma and for its own unique taste of no other in the world. Surrounded with the most exquisite roses of various colors have add life to this heaven on earth. Shangrila is facilitated by it's own air crafts and from Islamabad it will take one hour to reach this paradise and if you prefer to take a long drive on a sunny day you may take the Kakakorum highway ( KKH ) which will reach your destination in less than 20 hours, where still the hardship journey is worth for.

Shangrila is blessed with natural beauty gifted by nature. Lush green valleys and high peaked mountains , natural wild life, with a picaresque lake has made this place a prime destination of every one who needs to enjoy the true beauty of nature. Every picture I saw and all I heard of Shangrila made its my dream  holiday destination and very soon I hope to visit this enchanting place in Pakistan - Shangrila Resorts.

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Journey together

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Another year has passed by 
Filling me with memories
I still recall our wedding day
Seems like a bond we made like yesterday

Our love never needed lot of words
Unspoken love was there in all moments
We both look back with happiness and pride
As we step another year together as one

Fifteen years of memories we share this day
Some big events and simple pleasures
Some tearful times along the way
And with some joys that can't be measured

Our anniversary means a lot to me
Much more than any other day
I celebrate my love to you
And cherish you in every passing way

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My love to you

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When I first set my eyes on you
On a unforgettable day long ago
A magic romance was bloomed between
As we shared so much together

As time passed by, our feelings deepened
Our closeness grew stronger
Turning our little romance
For a lasting love for ever

Though the passing time I felt your love
Your care in every single word
I felt your warmth and tenderness
In every look and in every touch

You make me beautiful in all the way
And bring the best out of me
I know I can lean on you at hard times
Knowing you'll be there to hold me up

I'm thankful that I'm with you
Or I would have been lost in this world
The patience and understanding you give me
With trust , support and honesty

I always think about you
In every second of the day
I found eternal happiness with you
In you and in your love and in us together.

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