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After a long time I heard your voice and the smiles made me think of the love I have for you. I believe we all have soul mates in life and sooner or later we cross our paths to experience a journey of love together.  Some times I have no words to express my feelings to you or words to express the depth of my love but I know many times the silence it self has made you feel every thing I ever wanted you to know. Its not always people find soul relations, where you can love from the deepest core of your heart with out lust and we together have proved that  purest of love exist in heart  and not in physical relations. Your voice still bring the melody to my ears and your laughter is the music of my heart. Your words still beat my heart and your love has engulf its beauty to every cell in my body.
I thank God that we have crossed our paths and making me finding the most amazing man to love. From the very first day I met you, I knew you were the one I searched for and being with you made me find my own self......You were my greatest strength and you were my weakness, you were my smiles and my tears and were all of me and I was all of you and together we were a one.
Love can't be searched for  only love will find you when the time is right and you entered my life when I was not looking and having you and making you part of my life has bought all the smiles I once lost...

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