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Dawn of a New Year

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A New Year has emerged as the past year has become a memory. 2012 was significant year for me as a new blogger. S A J Shirazi from Pakistan was my blogging guru and I started my blog in late July 2012 without much confidence who would visit my blog but to my surprise my blog became one of the most popular blogs around and it was indeed a pleasure to see so many people visiting and commenting on my blog. It takes time for a new blogger to be established in the blogging field but in a very short pace of time with lot of hard work I made a Google rank of PR 3/10 which is quite amazing.

Most of my writings had an emotional cord tied and most called me an emotional writer and some, queen of love and every single view and every comment made my passion for writing grow. In this New Year I hope to touch different paths in relationships and love topics and to go beyond. Hope I will gain strength to keep this blog in higher place without fail.

I would like to thank each and every one who read my blog and commented. I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me and supported me in every possible way. May this New Year bring peace and prosperity to all the countries in the world and happiness, joy and good health to all living beings. May you all be blessed with love, laughter and inner happiness blended with peace and tranquility.


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Daddy's cuddle

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I look upon you my daddy
To walk this path of journey
Your strength was my courage
To bypass all hurdles of life

Your love I felt so much
Your words embraced my heart
Your smiles took away my blues
And your kisses made me smile

You are a daddy rare to find
You are my daddy I’m proud of
I’m blessed to have you in my life
A daddy I’ll always look upon

After hard day’s work and you still have your smile
And I know what you go through at times
The good night kiss with hugs and cuddles
Will always remind of your love to me.

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Tearful memories

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Standing on the sea shore I looked far way into the deep blue sea where the White Sea waves were crashing into each other and making the air filled with its splashing noises. How I loved the sea and how I enjoyed the swims and late night walks on the beach, how I embraced the silence on cold nights just watching the night sea but how fast things changed and I never for a moment dreamt that the sea I loved so much would one day hurt me and will make me feel so alone. I closed my eyes to recall the memory of that painful day which bought tears and pain to my life.

26th December 2004 was just another day to me and my kids but what special was it was time of year where the holidays are and my husband had got leave from his work place and it was indeed a time to celebrate. Previous day was Christmas and after a late night filled with joy and laughter had a late morning. Sun rays had touched the ground hours before and I felt lazy to feel the coldness of the ground. As I looked out of my window I saw the sea with its deep blue rich ambiance very calm and quiet but looking deep for a foremost reason I felt the sea was disturbed. I felt the calm sea was hurdling a battle at very deep ends and only if I listened I would have heard the loud cries that warned to the mankind. If only I had.......
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In a distance

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                   I will always love you

Smiles curve my lips as I think of you and your smiles, the enchanting look on your face and mischievous grin that part your lips on and off. I keep thinking if you are a dream or an illusion but the connection of the hearts cannot be fake as I feel you very deep inside my soul. One may say we are not real but for me and for you we are. One may not believe us, but for us we do exist.
I keep asking God reasons for meeting you and how fragile my heart has become in front of you. I silently hear the whispers of God, telling me that you came to my life to make a better me, to hold me and to be with me at hard times, when I don't have strength to move on. You will be my guiding star in the moments of darkness and my smiles in moments of tears.
You are not a promised journey in my life or a dream that I'll keep waiting for, but somewhere deep I feel we'll make through this life together. I know that you will hold me close whenever I need your arms around me. I know that I can look upon you when fear creep inside me and I know when I have lost all hopes in life your words will blossom new hope in me for a better tomorrow.
You made a life time promise to me which I would hold myself for the rest of my life and I know those words means so much to you as they are for me. My love never expected anything in return from you but your unique nature of humanity had made me realize that you have exceptional qualities as a man and as a human. Everything we shared together from laughter to tears has made us so close with each other and together we feel as one.
Yet, your smiles, your touch and you remain in a distance, where only my heart can touch and only I can hear the murmured whispers of your love.
I will always hear you in a distance.......

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Happy birthday darling

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Years have passed as we celebrate 
The day you were born to this world
An angel so precious and beautiful
Was the gift from above

Your smile and the laughs 
Filled us with happiness 
Little mischief games you play
Made us all so complete 

You were an angel I adored 
You were the  little girl I loved 
Little fights and tears we still share
Have made us closer day by day
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Angel's smile

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Remembered when I first saw you
On a starry cold winter night
A witched spell surround me 
Powers much stronger than a brew

At the moment your eyes met mine
I felt a fire of loves light in shine
But what captured me most 
Was the beautiful smile on you

Your smile captured my heart 
Made me fall under your sweet spell
It was you I knew from my first sight
You stole my heart on that very night

A single smile from you made me yours
The smile which never let us apart
One radiant look and I gave my heart
Your smile has made me dwell in heart

How I ponder to see that smile 
I keep looking at you for endless times
I get lost in your beautiful smile
My darling I treasure the gift of your smile 

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To my daughter with love

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         Every mother's dream

I still remember the day you came into this world and how much joy you bought to the family. It was considered that a daughter born first in a family is lucky and how right that was. Luck was in this family from the day you were born and every little smile of you brought happiness to us. Day by day you grew up and we had our own disagreements and share of arguments and there were times in your teen years that you were stubborn. I think all mums go through this difficult period of their girls’ maturing and with better understanding, we both survived the storms.

Very soon you will turn a new leaf in your life and will enter yourself into the relation of marriage. Your dad and I are both happy that you have found your soul mate and felt equally strong about your feelings for each other. Marriage is a life time relation and never to be taken lightly. You both took a while to know each other but my darling there will be more that you don't know about each other and slowly take time to understand your spouse and his behavior once you start living under one roof. Marriage is not a learning process of short period and you will have life time to know each other every day as long as you are together.
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Just a dream

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Last night tears fell down my cheek
When I thought of my love to you
Far, far away you were waiting 
In a dream where I can't reach

I love you so to turn back the path 
I know you love me too as I felt
I think of you all the time 
And I know you do the same

I want to fall my self on you and loose my self
Be with you as you are my light in darkness
I want to be embraced in your arms and your kisses
But the distance has become the barrier between us

I love this dream I see in my nights 
I want this dream to go on for life
I have only one wish in this time 
Just for once to take you into my arms 

You are a dream and always be
Let me love this dream I see
Make me room in your dreams
As I love the man in my dreams 

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Have i told you

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Some things in life happen in such a way that it's like a fairy tale....You in my life are also like that. When I was first told about you, I wasn't much interested, but I couldn't turn my back on my friends’ request and thought of meeting you. And I never thought that I'll share a fairy tale story of my life with you.....
It was day like today. With a tremble in my heart and with support of my 2 friends, I decided to meet you. When our eyes met for the very first time, your eyes told me a story. I was locked inside your beautiful eyes, and for a moment I wanted to avoid your eyes. In the very deep corners of my heart I felt that you were mine, that you were the one that I've been searching all these years...and from that moment onward I began to love you....
From that day onwards my heart kept thinking of you. Though how much I tried to forget, but I couldn't. I wanted to find out whether it's attraction or love that I have for you. Everything changed in my life from the moment I met you. For the first time in my life I felt having someone to my own. I never trusted on short term relationships, and never felt any of them mine, and they never understood me.
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Trapped feelings

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Slowly a stranger crept into my life without any warning that he is going to make me to be lost in my own emotions.  A quite friend in a distance was walking towards me in an irresistible friendly manner capturing my heart with a little spark which made me unguarded of my own self for a moment.
When and where has no answer as only the little friendship we built made us good and best of friends. I love the little jokes you shared with me and the smiles you gave me. I like the nick names you called me and the little arguments that cross our paths on and off. It was one of a kind friendship filled with laughter and companionship.
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Little love notes

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Every thing I wrote for you
Were the little love notes
Written with love and care
Just that you'd think of me here
Sometimes it's little smileys
Sending across the miles
Funny faces when you  grouch
As I can't be next on your touch
I love sending you my heart
So you know how I miss being apart
I keep looking at my little notes
Which I wrote with little secrets
I miss writing those love notes
Where all my love was tucked in
Every minute I miss you more
And all my notes were just for you.

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