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Fragrant Memories

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                                            Photo credits - Riaz Khan

As the dusky night rides down the sky with little diamonds glowing far away,with the silence embracing my heart while my mind was lost as I stared into the little perfume bottle tightly held in my hands. I can't remember how long I stared into this little bottle which had power to open my wounds, still ache deep and which was never healed. Every time I hold this, it reminds me of you.... your smiles, your laughter, your love and mostly you. I remember the day you gave me this perfume bottle with a kiss in my lips, and the sweet nectar of words you whispered  but I never knew that this gift will be such a precious memory of you, I never thought that my heart will ache one day by just holding it and I never thought that you would walk away leaving me alone in my own world. 

There was never a single day I lived without thinking of you and not a single night I kissed your lips and caressed your body in my dreams....not a single moment I forgot you and how you made me feel but today tears run down my cheeks as I behold this little bottle and the few drops of it remain in my hand. I have always loved the fragrance of this liquid and memories of your warm lips on my neck as you take its aroma into your nostrils deep, are still a vivid memory in heart. Ever since you departed from my world, I have used this fragrance only on special occasions as this perfume always reminds me that you are with me, unseen, unheard and untouched ......but deep within you are with and part of me and always be. 

You have embraced my life with endless perfumed thoughts and fragrant memories which I hold dearly to my self. You have enchanted my life with your love which I would cherish with memories of you. My heart is filled with little moments of you, moments I never can let go of .....just like this little bottle I hold dearly as it's precious to me as you are. I have struggle so hard to move on, but my aching heart still hold on to the past we shared  and this little gift will be by my side as your love, your warmth is still with this gift you gave me long ago..............

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At March 21, 2016 at 5:19 PM, Blogger hardaman singh said...

wonderfully written...u r just too good ....the words and ur presentation makes it for a sweet reading experience...u move in a really fine line.......and the lovable erotica is just perfect to settle nerves...


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