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All of me loves all of you

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                                                        John Legend - All of me

I closed my eyes just to feel this beautiful piece of music and wondered how close theses words to our own story. Though I keep mesmerizing every single moment I spent with you and still keep hanging on to those unforgettable memories of our encounter. As tears rolled down my cheeks, I kept running to the time I use to hold your hand and feel your kisses, a time which gave the most precious memories which I behold very deep in  my heart. 

I loved you bearing all your imperfections and I gave all of me because all I ever wanted was your happiness and your smiles. I always loved to see the most beautiful smile on your lips and I know you also gave all of you to me. We shared deep dark secrets together, heartache and pain, smiles and laughter....nothing was left not shared, not heard or not said. We shared each other so much and that much and tears pour down when I remember every single moment with you so vividly. It's so hard to forget all of what you gave me and all of you as you left with so much to remember, to be hold in a very deep place in my soul. 

There are endless of times that I just stared into empty space and think of you and I still miss you so much. Words can't express how much I loved you but maybe you never understood the depth of it or may be you never cared enough to understand. It's strange how much happiness you gave me and in a short time how hurtingly you took them all away from me. Some times I wonder if I had loved you more and you have loved me less. Some times I wonder if I cared too much or too less and some times I wonder if you ever had loved me at all. 

Part of me will always remain with you as part of you is still with me. You and I can't forget the time we both existed in our lives or the beautiful time with endless of memories. Those magical kisses still lingers on my forehead while those silent moments dance on my mind. The giggles we shared and the stolen moments are still fresh in my soul with every single curve of your face still holds a deep place in my heart. I don't want to forget all of you my love or I don't want to forget you at all and still when I close my eyes it's you I see and your kisses I feel. Let me keep all of you with all of me and let me live with all what you gave me, cherishing every single moment I spent with you, loved you and cared for you............

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It's been a while

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It's been awhile....that I finally realize you are no longer with me or by my side as you use to be. It's been a while that I buried all your memories and try to smile again. It's been a while that I gave up crying for you to realize it was only me who kept on holding while you walked away with out looking back. And it's been a while that I have stopped visiting my past where you exist and look  on a future with the lessons you taught me.

Still....on and off you creep in my mind silently and flash back the memories of an unforgettable past. Still your name echos in my mind and stab my heart, ripping it into thousand of tiny pieces. Still the eyes damps with tiny tears which stroll down the cheeks silently. Still you are the past I keep running into to find comfort and still you are the one that keep haunting me day and night. 

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By your side

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                                                    pic - Google

As I watch you by the bed side
Memories crept slowly behind
Years have passed without counts
Of a long journey of time

Staring at you silently
Noticing those little wrinkles
Bright eyes have slowly gone dull
Graceful smile have lost its shine

Was I too busy to notice
Or did I merely ignored?
Why I did,  have no clue
But I promised to slow down

As I hold your hand feeling cold
Your eyes sparkles to mine
Your kiss slowly touching my lips
With little whispers of "I love you "   

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You still linger

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                                                It's not good bye - Laura Pausini

There are no words to explain how I feel or how much I miss you and often I wanted to reach for your love which is no more mine. I kept on asking my self why we found each other if we are not meant to be together and some times the answers are simple and some times they are too complicated to understand. What matters now is not the questions or answers but the time we spent together which were the most memorable and precious. It's not easy to hold my self every time I keep looking at your pictures and remember every facial expression you made when you were with me. Every time I was mad with you it was the funny faces you made which cheered me up and when I am down, it was your magical kisses which healed me up. It was your words which became my strength and it was your love which made me complete. 

I feel you made me complete and gave a dream to live on but slowly you took that dream away from me and left me lifeless. It will take a long time or never to heal this broken heart of mine but I know we never said good bye and one day or some day we will surely talk again. No words can express the depth you have sinked in my heart or how hard you have en carved your name in my soul. You are the unheard story of my life wrapped in deep with secrets of smiles.

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