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As my eyes flooded with tears, which bled from my heart, burning my cheeks with being helpless of my own self. It was a moment I needed you and your love and with out a single call you heard my pledge and answered my silent call. 

There's no where in the world I would feel safe, than in your arms and without a word you took me into your soul. You embraced me with all your love and caress me with your soothing words. Wiping my hot downpour of tears with the gentle strokes of your finger tips making my feelings console in your presence. 

Your kisses on my forehead, with words of strength  you gently whispered, led me to the path of recovery. You let me tears run as I wanted, but held me strong in your love making me believe in my own strength. 

It is not always we are gifted with such love and you are a gift from above to help me to be who I am. Entering you into my life have bought so much joy but above all you have touched all the simple corners of my life in a profound way that I never knew even existed. 

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