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Symphony of love

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A past with tears still lingers
Memories awaken now and then
Thoughts hurt every single minute
Of a love which was mine but never was mine
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Words left unspoken

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It's strange how we meet people in life and how some become so close that we fall in love with them. We all meet people for a reason and I met you for a reason I believe. We were just two friends who fell in love in an extra ordinary way and as we both believed , it was meant to be. The time we spent together was the most beautiful time we could recall. It was a time filled with happiness and smiles, strength and courage and mostly the love we shared was magical. We talked of lot of things, we dream t a future and endlessly talked how we would be when we go old and if we would be still loving each other. We smiled, laughed and cried together, spend time just talking nothing and every moment I treasured much in heart. Every detailed of you I preserved in my heart and every word safely locked in my mind. I loved you in a way that I have never loved before and I can't love another the way I love you now. It's strange how tightly you held me in your heart and soul and you silently became a part of me. 

But as things began to change slowly, I silently cried in my own world hoping you'd feel my pain and tears but you were too busy to notice my tears of the unspoken words which I squeezed deeply inside my heart. My tears became my tool to hold on to every single memory you gave and each time I close my eyes I see you. It's been some time now that we have parted but it's the bitter truth that my heart don't except. As you moved on with your life I kept hanging on to the memories you left and each time you smiled ,I kept crying inside of loosing you. It will take a long time to heal this broken heart of mine which you shattered in to pieces so heartlessly but all I have left of you is love and only love and may be one day you will realize how much you meant to me and that you always will. 

We never said good bye and we never will as we have no end and every now and then we will cross our paths. But sadly we may act like strangers who have never met but secretly glancing at each other in every possible time we can. Our story was a simple story of love which never had an end but in our hearts we'll be a treasured memory in years to come.

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Memories haunt

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Memories.....those mesmerizing memories. Every minute my heart runs to the time we endlessly spent together. Those endless talks about nothing or the giggling laughs from heart or the jokes we shared with a smile has now become a memory which we engulf our selves in a captivating endless of moments.  How many things have changed in past few months and it's painful and hurting to see that those times have come to an end.  

Yearning of togetherness and secret desires which silently creep into the soul, wanting that touch which gives the spark through out and the lingering feelings which we have embraced slowly reaching highest peak of ecstasy. The serenity of absolute silent between us and secret stolen moments with each other with soft forehead magical kisses was more than words turned into feelings. Every time we met, it was the feelings which held a deep conversation with our souls, it was it's strength which kept us bonded and yet it was love which was powerful than any circumstance which existed.  

These moment memories are only what's left to me now and every moment my heart yield to walk through the memory lane to capture your smile and freeze it again and again in my mind. Every thought of your eyes which sang the silent notes of love deep into my eyes is now a blink which I repeatedly picture every time I close my eyes. Every thing about you hurt and mostly missing you is still unbearable and the more I try to find peace with my self your silent existence disturb my being.

This wait for you has become painful event ,yet day by day I silently wait for you to come like you use to and make me smile again. This wait has become endless yet I promise to wait for you to come and hold me like you use to do. This wait has become to pour tears from my heart yet I promise to hold it only for you. This wait is only I have left of you and each passing day I live with a hope of seeing you and I will wait endlessly till I see you again. 

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No body's child

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                                                Photo credits - Tariq's Photography

He wanders in the street all alone
Endless loneliness, hunger in pain
Tangled hair and eyes so deep
No body's child cries alone in the dark

Love he seeks in every corner
Love which he never was given
Playing with his own in the streets
As the tears have left it's scars so deep

He is like a wild flower 
With no mummy's kisses 
Yet he longed to be embraced
In a heart which could be cared

His innocence taken away 
While his childhood was robbed
He never knew what love was 
As he was no body's child at all

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Memories of love

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You were on my mind when I woke up this morning
Remembering your smiles 
I guess the next time I'll see your face 
Might take a little while. 

It's hard to forget the memories
And the little stolen moments
Lingered with the magical kisses
And the unforgotten blissful nights

I was remembering our times 
Filled with good and bad 
The funny times you cheered me up 
And the times you held me up

You have no idea how much I cry
But I  never let you know
It’s so hard out here without you 
But I’m not allowed to let it show

I remember your voice and your laughs
And the dazzling smile you give
But now I'm left alone to cry
As you walked into silence

Life goes on around me
I don’t even care anymore
I go through all the motions
Thinking whats left in me of you

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Ghosts from the past

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In life we all have different experiences and some of them become treasured memories while others are painful lessons. We all have some thing in the past which we can't forget, we regret or simply we want to bury and each of these memories bring us pain and hurt. Some times it's the people we loved so dearly once which becomes a haunted memory, where the more we want to forget them more they come on mind. 

I'ts not always easy to forget and move on when you have some thing in the past to hold on. Some times it's the memories or a moment, or a strong love or a friendship or maybe just an event, yet these are so powerful they haunt us for a long time .....Some times we may heal from these scars with time and some times we'll bury them in our hearts and live with the agony of them for rest of our lives. 

Every scar needs time to heal and for us to except the fact emotionally. Moving forwards and getting back on track with our lives doesn't take a day. It takes a lot of small steps to allow us to break free from our broken self and move on.....But some people take courage to take this change while some hang on to ghosts from the past, hurting them selves physically and emotionally. It's never easy to let go of things special to you once but when you know that it's time to give up and move on then it's the best choice to make.  It takes strength to bury the skeletons   in a place where you'll never dig them up ever. Remember it's the past....What ever that happen then is over and if you keep on digging the past you'll never be healed. Once and for all leave your past where it belongs , bury them safely where no one can dig and move on .....Don't end up loosing your self while holding on to your past ghosts which  will never help you to be happy...... 

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In this life we meet different people and some of them play a major role in our hearts. We fall in love with them or make life time relations or just stay as friends. What ever that bond is and at certain times we make promises. Some promise to stay with you for rest of their lives, to make you happy for ever, never to forget you, to keep secrets , to keep loving you till the end or just being part of your life journey. All these promises hold a very special place in our hearts and the moment a promise is made we put a trust on that person that he/she will keep the promise as he/she made.
But sadly only very few of these promises actually exist till the end and most of the promises are broken at halfway. How many of us have cried because a promise is broken by a very dear one to our heart? How much loneliness we have felt and how betrayed we feel ?
Some times there are reasons for one to break a promise and we should understand and forgive them and hatred will only make us suffer more. It does hurt when some one you loved and trust dearly decides to walk away from you leaving you in pain and agony. Don't try to find reasons to hate them but find all the memories which were treasured in your life because of them.
There are times some situations in life make us break our own promises....Some for it's for the own befit of the person you love or some times it's because true love exist. Every one can't promise to keep you happy or to keep the exact promise but every one can make a effort to try to keep the promise they gave to the person they love.....

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