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Memories hurt

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I wonder why memories hurt so much when you are a shadow of my past......Every time I seek the sanctuary of loneliness, you slowly creep into my mind and take me down the memory lane where the smiles, laughter, pain and tears still painfully make their existence. These thoughts and these memories still have the power to wet my eyes and my heart flood with pain and misery. 

It's hard to forget the little details and the long moments we shared and even though time has passed and life has moved on, the wound is still deep and fresh, weeping for the past I lost and wanting the love, I yarn. I still feel the warmth of your eyes and the beauty of your smile, silently inviting me back to your loving embrace. I cuddle my pillow as I seek for you and tears never felt ashamed to flow down my cheeks as to remind that I still have not let you go and I still hang on for the love of my life. Every dream is a haunted memory of you and a pain I never over came with. I still feel the power of the magical kisses you shower me with and the sweet nectar of words you soothed my soul with and long stolen moments we silently embraced with. Day after day I live within these tortures  of your love and a never ending pain of a beautiful love I lost.  

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