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Beginning of a new life

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Getting married is something that has been done for thousands of years, and now getting a divorce is something that is becoming very common and my story also starts from here. It should have been a sad day. After a long, cruel winter that left dark days and even colder mornings, days are much sunnier and warmth have embarked the surroundings.It was coming and I knew it. The trust was gone. The love was cold. In a last ditch effort I asked him to stay with me but after ten years of endless excuses, futile therapy attempts ending in loud arguments of escalated blaming, we had come to the conclusion it was time to live apart. We thought we could make our marriage work but we can’t and with a very heavy heart we both agreed that we need to go in our different paths in life. 

I tried to remember what it was like to be married to him, and I drew a blank. I looked hard at him to see if there was any love left, and it was like trying to peer into the depths of an acquaintance. My answer was clear as the sky, there was no love, respect or gratitude left for me in those dark brown eyes and i knew i had made the right choice for the sake of my self and my two little boys. My divorce was a life changing event for the whole family though at first it was not easy but with time we got use to it and appreciated it as well.
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Precious soul

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Have I told you lately how much I love you
How much you truly means to me
Have I told that I'm silently praying for  you
How proud I'm of your achievements 

Now a new dimension has peeked in to you
And you are on the way to success
To meet your goals in life
To fulfill your awaiting  dreams 

You are blessed with talent my love
With much creativity to share
I know even you are not aware
Of the gift that God has share

You are an inspiration to all around
You treat all as your equal
All I try to say on this day my love
I'm proud of you in all days to come.

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Pearl of the Indian ocean

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Sri Lanka, the pearl of Indian ocean has a history dating back in time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoiled. Few places in the world can offer the traveler such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location. Almost dangling like a pendant from the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka has been known as the Peal of the Orient for its variety of attractions. It is not a mere tropical isle known for sun, sea and sands, although it has all this in plenty. In fact the island has over 1400 km of sun-kissed beach..With its year-round summer and two different weather systems, whatever the time of year, there’s always a beach with sunshine and a choice of calm seas or steady surf depending on what you feel like. There’s a beach for all tastes, budgets and seasons in the lovely island of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island that is captivating both by its name – that means Land of Splendor – and by what it actually offers to the visitor. The attractions of Sri Lanka – known to the world by several names from ancient days – have been known through the centuries. While legend has it that this is the Lanka of the Ramayana, it is the name by which it has always been known to its own people.The Romans called it Taprobane, marked on Ptolemy’s map of the world, derived from “Tambapanni” – land of copper colored earth and lotuses given by the first known migrants from North India. The Arab traders of the past called it Serendib – island of delight, which gave birth to the English word Serendipity – the prospect of discovering pleasant suprisess which the British called it Ceylon. But the people of the East, as distant as China, always knew the island by the name given by its own people – Sri Lanka.

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I sit here quietly watching the waves
Thinking of  you who I have never met
The words we have shared in cyber
Have caused my heart to stop and care

Your words and thoughts captured my heart
Filled me with passion from the start 
Love on the internet, how can it be
Its not real and I know it thee

Angels and cupids flew to our way
Carrying secret messages we couldn't resist 
Much deeper feelings than cyber kisses and so
Felt deep in soul beyond the human touch

I don't see or hear your voice
Yet I feel you so near by me
You and I have connected through cyber
Finding two souls to be as one

I close my eyes to feel you deep
A burning fire and unquenchable desire
For what I want but couldn't have
An unreachable dream for me it seems

It was GOD's choice to meet us here
Fused and sealed to be as one
Though in cyber we know we are real 
Love has it's way that distant doesn't matter.

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Living happily ever after

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All most all marriages start with a gala celebrations with their family and friends. Each and every couple has their own dreams in the new life together. But the road to a happy marriage doesn't come in all inclusive package. A happy marriage is far from easy and most of today couples do not complete the journey together. Looking at the higher rate of divorces today we able to think where marriages are heading nowadays.

It is easy to blame so many things like not spending enough quality time together, allowing bitterness build in our hearts and failing to keep communication lines open. As we all know there's end in materiel we find on this topic on how to be happy in marriage but just listening or reading them will not get us any where. Quality time , forgiveness and communication is vitally important to keep a healthy marriage. If these things are not happening then it's a sighs of a  much deeper problem and until this problem is addressed deeply , patching up or any modification will not help.
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A grateful heart

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I sat down and kept looking at the fading horizon and my life. Lot of things  were happening around me for the past few weeks and some were very powerful to tore me down. There were so many trials that I needed to jump and even with fear I faced them to realize the strength to look far ahead. With heavy hearts and painful events I realized that sorrow never last for ever and every morning has its glory of the day. Past is just a part of life and I realized that time heal most wounds. Every heart goes through what I went through. We all sit down and cry to things that hurt us or tore us down. Life is never a bed of roses and no one promised that. Tears and joy are part of life and i realized that I needed to be stronger to face all what comes in my way.

Pain always comes with lessons or harder lessons and it doesn't mean that we must stop halfway. Pain is the little voice in your head which holds you back because it knows that if you continue , you will change. Pain will always barrier you to walk in to the future so don't let it take charge of who you can be. Exhaustion will pull you down and will hold you back and let that stop your journey in success. It's not about the past or the future but it's about who i am in the present and the decisions lies with me to make a choice,
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One night only

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Side by side we lay under the warm night sky
Your arms around me , wrapped so tight
A touch soft and tender, a whisper full of desire
Gasp of sweet surrender as passion flares the fire
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Never ending love

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In life we fall in love many times and with different people at different levels . Before growing up from life experiences we fall in love thrice. Once at one point you fall for your best friend and ruining a beautiful friendship for ever. This is the lesson which will teach you what true friendship is and the fine line which is between friendship and love. Rather than falling in love with your best friend you could have preserved just being friends. For once in you have to fall in love with a person you think is perfect in every way. You will learn that no one is perfect and no one will be and we have to except them in their imperfections. And for once you have to fall in love with some one that is exactly you. This will teach you who you are and what you want to be. When you have gone through all these three you will learn the true meaning of love and relations in life. About hurt , pain and tears and people who means so much to us.

You learn that the people who care about you the most are the ones that you hurt.....You will take these people for granted assuming that they will be in your life for ever. You will also learn that people who hurt you are the ones who needed you most in their life. Some times these people hurt you not coz they don't like you maybe they love you more than you love them. But most of all you will learn that love is only a concept and cannot be defined. Every human feels love in different levels and experience it in different ways but what we all want is to be loved.
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What I am , who I am

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It's been a long time since I wrote any thing and today despise of loneliness around me I wanted to sit down and write about me , mostly about my feelings of being your wife..... A soldiers wife.

I always had my weakness for men in uniform and when I met you I knew I met the man in my dreams. Being a soldiers wife was not easy, it had so much sacrifice , loneliness , and pain but it also have it's own glory of being a soldiers wife. It was not easy to let you go back once you come home for a short vacation  Actually it was the hardest to do. I keep crying behind your back for hours and never show my tears to you as I fear my tears would weaken your mental strength  I see tears in your eyes at moments of good bye but my love, every time you leave me I silently pray for your life and I know God will bring you back home safely.
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My broken heart

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I closed my eyes... How easily you broke my heart and walked away. How easily you shattered my dreams , our dreams. You shattered me into pieces and left me. Every passing moment I think of you and our times together. I'm struggling hard to put your memory away but every time I try to forget, you keep haunting me. Though how much I try, I find it hard to push you into past and see the beauty of other things around me. You are still part of me and it will take a long time to heal this pain you intendedly gave me.

We both had a dream and slowly we were beginning to reach that dream. Unexpectedly, you with drew your self from every thing and left me. You left me with a broken heart , a broken promise and a broken dream.When things are broken no matter how much glue or tapes you use to hide the cracks the cracks will be visible. I always had the ability to hide my cracks but where you are concern I'm weak , as the light it self reflects my scars in perfection.
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