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All most all marriages start with a gala celebrations with their family and friends. Each and every couple has their own dreams in the new life together. But the road to a happy marriage doesn't come in all inclusive package. A happy marriage is far from easy and most of today couples do not complete the journey together. Looking at the higher rate of divorces today we able to think where marriages are heading nowadays.

It is easy to blame so many things like not spending enough quality time together, allowing bitterness build in our hearts and failing to keep communication lines open. As we all know there's end in materiel we find on this topic on how to be happy in marriage but just listening or reading them will not get us any where. Quality time , forgiveness and communication is vitally important to keep a healthy marriage. If these things are not happening then it's a sighs of a  much deeper problem and until this problem is addressed deeply , patching up or any modification will not help.

A happy marriage is a beautiful piece of art that has to be sculpted and tended to each and every day‚Ķand it is with that daily loving care that a truly happy relationship is created. So, what can we do to nurture the one relationship that is most vital in a happy life, a loving partnership with another person?There are simple rules that each committed couple should do if you want a happy marriage. Marriage is hard work but when both value the true meaning of marriage ,both will commit to work hard till the end of time. 

Every day run in marriage will bring up issues that would make your spouse loose temper and it is wise to control your self  and not to loose your temper at the same time. Anger will only make the situation worst and the end result will always bring heart breaks and unwanted discussions, so it better to stay calm till your partner calms down . Listening is very important in marriage and every one of wants our spouse to listen to our day to day events , our fears , joys and dreams. Always try to listen to your partner with interest and patience  Make them feel you are there for them and with this they will built trust in you. We all loved to be praised in what ever we do and it's same in marriage. Do not put mistakes of your partner in front of others. Always value your partner even you wife is a full time housewife or your husband is a full time househusband. 

It is true in most marriages with time the husband and wife start giving less important to each other. They start treating each other too casually that the fire in the relationship dies, so it is better to keep the intimacy of the marriage and keep love fresh. Marriage is a unity of two different individuals who begins to travel in one path. Therefor no one's perfect and every one has it's uniqueness and faults. So except the differences and live with the incapability's.

Bottom line of marriage is to enjoy life with another being. To laugh and smile to gather at all times of life. Enjoying life with decent teasing and affection can make the relationship more colorful. For a successful and happy married life we will have to learn to forgive each other. The practice of forgiving should not be limited to one or two occasions rather it should become a lifelong practice. It is better not to expect any return in march of such forgiving. Finally cherish the happy moments to gather  Sit down and laugh at those stolen memories of your marriage, things that you enjoyed doing together.This will recharge your present life and you will feel it is difficult to live with out each other.

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At October 19, 2012 at 3:27 PM, Anonymous Power Angel said...

beautiful it

At October 20, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

A wonderful post...I agree with you...In fact, a conscious effort on the part of both the partners can keep the relationship spark alive, without which a marriage is over in real sense. However, the good news is, we can bring this spark back anytime before it is too late.

At October 22, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... like it.

At October 24, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Blogger Jalal Hameed said...

Good post. But despite everything said and done and much written about bonding and marriages, each marriage is different and one is really perplexed by the enormity of complexities in each case. One can only pray that things get along for better as even a small spark can engulf the decades old relation.


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