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                   I will always love you

Smiles curve my lips as I think of you and your smiles, the enchanting look on your face and mischievous grin that part your lips on and off. I keep thinking if you are a dream or an illusion but the connection of the hearts cannot be fake as I feel you very deep inside my soul. One may say we are not real but for me and for you we are. One may not believe us, but for us we do exist.
I keep asking God reasons for meeting you and how fragile my heart has become in front of you. I silently hear the whispers of God, telling me that you came to my life to make a better me, to hold me and to be with me at hard times, when I don't have strength to move on. You will be my guiding star in the moments of darkness and my smiles in moments of tears.
You are not a promised journey in my life or a dream that I'll keep waiting for, but somewhere deep I feel we'll make through this life together. I know that you will hold me close whenever I need your arms around me. I know that I can look upon you when fear creep inside me and I know when I have lost all hopes in life your words will blossom new hope in me for a better tomorrow.
You made a life time promise to me which I would hold myself for the rest of my life and I know those words means so much to you as they are for me. My love never expected anything in return from you but your unique nature of humanity had made me realize that you have exceptional qualities as a man and as a human. Everything we shared together from laughter to tears has made us so close with each other and together we feel as one.
Yet, your smiles, your touch and you remain in a distance, where only my heart can touch and only I can hear the murmured whispers of your love.
I will always hear you in a distance.......

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At December 22, 2012 at 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wowwww,girl......You know how to write

At December 23, 2012 at 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very touching and emotional.Loving a person in a distance is the most hardest of all and waiting for him/her knowing that lover will never be yours is like waiting for a dream to come true knowing that is always a dream. I have always loved what you write and the ability to write like it is your own is a gift and you are a very gifted writer. I really loved the cancer post you did and my dear you are good emotional writer. All the very best and hope to see more of your great art here.
You don't need to know who i am but i will be visiting your blog every time you post ~ SA


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