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I just lay on my bed starring at the silent ceiling above. What and how are still unanswered questions and I still can't believe that my life journey has come to an end. It is not life it self which is hard to leave,but the man who was behind my life,the man who gave me smiles and the man who made me his.

My life was just swaying it's way till you came and made me part of your life. You gave a meaning for me to live and reason for me to smile. You made my world shine with your existence and made my whole life glow with your unconditional love. Life was perfect as a dream with the fragrance of your love around me and it was a beautiful fairy tale in reality. 

But, how fast the volcano erupted in my life leaving it's traces of agony and pain behind. Within minutes my whole world collapse and it was so hard to accept the truth of death. Death is the only fact of truth we bring with birth but dying at a young age and leaving every thing and every one behind is the hardest thing of all.  

Leaving the man I love and who made love lovable was the most painful of all. I loved you so much that I couldn't find a moment not to cry my self and the dreams I dreamt of us together is now just a fading hope or a dream in the eyes of lover. Even though you knew that my days were numbers,you held my hand as before and every time I saw that you still loved me in the same degree and will not leave my side till I leave this world. 

I wanted to live for you and only for you. I want to be in your arms in the night and lock my self in your embrace till I fall asleep quietly on your chest. I want to live to enjoy the meaning of life and living in the way you taught me. I want to live to fulfill all our dreams and reach all goals we desired and yet I want to live to keep looking at you for the rest of my life. I want to live to love you and to care forall your needs. I want to live to feel and touch your love in a way that I never experienced before. Finally I want to live to be your life partner and to be your guiding star at the moments of weakness. 

Ohhh Lord, how I want to live ......

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At June 9, 2013 at 11:05 AM, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

Hard luck! but that's how sometimes life is, merciless and unpredictable. Sad to know.


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