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                                                It's not good bye - Laura Pausini

There are no words to explain how I feel or how much I miss you and often I wanted to reach for your love which is no more mine. I kept on asking my self why we found each other if we are not meant to be together and some times the answers are simple and some times they are too complicated to understand. What matters now is not the questions or answers but the time we spent together which were the most memorable and precious. It's not easy to hold my self every time I keep looking at your pictures and remember every facial expression you made when you were with me. Every time I was mad with you it was the funny faces you made which cheered me up and when I am down, it was your magical kisses which healed me up. It was your words which became my strength and it was your love which made me complete. 

I feel you made me complete and gave a dream to live on but slowly you took that dream away from me and left me lifeless. It will take a long time or never to heal this broken heart of mine but I know we never said good bye and one day or some day we will surely talk again. No words can express the depth you have sinked in my heart or how hard you have en carved your name in my soul. You are the unheard story of my life wrapped in deep with secrets of smiles.

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