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It was just another day and as usual we met, at the same place, same time. We smiled, laughed and talked, but as I looked into your eyes I felt you were about to say some thing to me. I kept staring at you, waiting for the moment for you to tell me the truth which your eyes silently spoke.  My mind kept wandering with thoughts of fear and secretly I promised my self, no matter what, how hard the circumstances, I will stand with you till the end. 

I still wonder why I fell in love with you in the first place, but I know I did the right thing loving you. I still remember the very first day I saw you and recently we both recalled those memories back, smiling.......Nothing will be ever be lost on our encounter together, our smiles, our little arguments, our childish giggles and our secretly stolen moments will be cherished each and every day of our lives.

I always was lost finding words to describe what I felt for you or my love to you. I get very emotional every time I express my self to you and once you said that I'm sentimental  and how true that was. The deep emotions I feel for you which is blend with utmost respect ,still find there way to be put in words. 

When I fell in love you I promised my self to be with and though there were rough times in our relationship we both survived them together. When you needed me I tried my best to be with you and when ever I needed you , with out a moment's hesitation you were with me, holding me and helping me to smile again. 

Every time you looked at me I wanted to hold you near and to make you mine for ever. The emotional bond from mind heart and soul have tied us in this relation for life and even though we may not make it to the end physically, we'll be in our hearts till the last breath.

When you finally told me what's in your heart I knew that I had to be with you. You made a choice and for better or worst I'll be with you knowing very well that you are a fighter and you have your own plans for the future. I knew this was coming  though I didn't expect it soon and it shook me. When I looked at you I was impressed how bravely you act and felt you have put down a heavy burden you carried.  You smiled at my worried face and said that you are okay and I believed you  as I always did.........

Tomorrow is a new day with new hopes and I promise to hold your hand and never to let you down. I will stand with you and when ever you need to a shoulder to cry, I promise to be there for you to wipe your tears.To see you smile, brings happiness to me, to hear your laughter is melody to my ears and to have you as mine is a blessing ......

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Hmmm...a spiritual affection! Nice read.


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