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Dwell alone

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                                                                      Photography - Tabish Q. Nayeemi

Life of my lonely soul 
Lies beneath the Tuscan sun
I  was always filled with grief
Peace is all what I wanted

Silent cries can't be heard or seen
No one seems to notice my tears
Life is never fair is what I thinks
All alone wait to ends of life

Stars at night was life companions
Enjoying the long winter silence
Emptiness wrapped all around 
A genuine tear will be more meaningful

I silently hide my self because I don't belong to the out side world, to my land or in this world. In this path there's only me because life has forsaken me , sending me under the abyss to dwell alone in my pain. i'm alone, lost, forgotten, dying and fragile and have become lifeless in the path of time. I have become restless in my own way and have become a ghost within my soul. I'm tired of life now and feel I can't walk any more or have lost all grip to hold on to life. I need to lay down where I can be alone from the world, where voices of other will not disturb me.

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At March 12, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Blogger Tabish Nayeemi said...

So Beautiful ...You have given such an Amazing Touching Words to my Image..Thanx a lot...Stay Blessed....


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