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LIFE...............What a beautiful dream we all had when we were young . The life we saw was a fairy tale and every one was a prince or a princess and life was all about music and dancing. Life was a beautiful music where only laughter and love existed . Cuddled with toys and dressed in pretty frills , pampered and kissed by elders was life . This was our childhood fantasy of life and slowly with growing up , life began to teach lessons and one by one life gave it's thorns . Life changed its course and began to realize that life was not what it was when we were kids .

Growing up into puberty had it's own experiences and even to this day they are beautiful memories and strong friendships . For most of us life starts at this age where we meet new people and share secrets and have fun . Friends become the center of life , and mischief wrapped in laughter becomes a habit in this wonderful addolence age . The best years of life is the school days and how true it is . Still we remember those lovely experiences and all the fun filled things we did ....

With age we began to see the true meaning of life and than the bed of roses we saw the thorns that pricked and ooze the blood out . Life was a struggle to survive ,compelled with choices and  consequences. Life gave surprisess , life gave hurdles , life gave tears , life gave challengers and despite them all life was beautiful . Life was making things right when they are going wrong and standing strong when it pulls you down . You are your own master of your own life and don't let any one take control of it .

With the emerge of adulthood we experience the most beautiful path of life ....LOVE . The magic of love take us to higher levels of life . Love gives us joy , happiness , pain and tears . Love take control of our whole soul and make us loose our selves in order to value some one else . Love is beautiful , but only with the right person . Don't waste your life on some one who is mistreating you , hurting you and make you cry . They don't deserve you or your love and stop your self from being used .

We all need a love that will make us strong and wanted . A love lift our spirits up and no matter how hard the situation is it has some one to hold on to . Each one of us deserve some one who can make you smile and laugh even at the worst moments of life . We all deserve that much and with love by our side life is a beautiful struggle .

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At September 13, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Anonymous Power Angel said...

Wonderful post on life ...but when life gives battling up how can yuo see the beauty except the struggles ?

At September 13, 2012 at 6:48 PM, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

@ Power Angel ...
Thank you for your comment . Life is not easy , but i think it's the choices that we make which makes a difference . See beauty in life and you'll be able to see how blessed you are.


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