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Those little tears

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Little tears sprinkled my eyes, hurting deep inside as I kept staring at those words you sent. Those tiny words played the role of ripping my heart into pieces and aching my soul with pain. We do have our share of little arguments as every relationship but for some reason I was hurt by your harsh words. As I kept staring at your words, tears kept running my cheeks and for some moments I had to close my eyes and and to breath deeply as for the first time you lost your temper with me and I felt so lost for words. I know you didn't mean to be rude but the circumstances around you made you act like that but yet you took your anger on my, heartlessly ....

Every love has it's own beauty and we had ours and talking to each other and texting made it more interesting and loving and as every woman I'm also anxiously waits to hear from you. But if I knew that my frequent texts are irritating you I would have stopped my self from all little things I did. Love should never irritate the person you love or a bother and if you felt it I'm sorry for it but I recall that this was the truth between us.   

Those little tears which wet my cheeks held the silent words I wanted to say to you but I kept silent as I know you would not understand the love I have for you, you never did or never will. This is not the first to hurt me or the last but I guess it's time to dry those little tears which have no value in your life. No relationship is worth hanging on when your feelings are not respected and no relation is valued when love and care you give makes the other irritate and loose temper. Toughest lessons always comes with greatest pains and though it's true that we have to depart from each other doesn't mean I stopped loving you but your role in my life has ended but through my life I will carry the memories you gave .....Some times those little tears may fall down on and off just to remind me that you still lingers in my soul.  

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At December 9, 2013 at 12:25 PM, Anonymous M Behzad Jhatial said...

nicely written.. touchy....

At December 9, 2013 at 12:28 PM, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

@ M Behzad Jhatial......
Thank you so much for your encouraging words :-)


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