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It's one of those gloomy days which I'm wrapped in cloud of emotional pain and every minute my mind runs to you to be embraced in your arms and to be hold tightly with a kiss saying that all is well. I wanted you so much with me, just to hold me but you were miles away from a place I didn't exist. I was battling with my tears and pain and silently wanted to come for you but fear stopped me reaching you. 

Most of our time we spent talking about nothing but I want to let you know that all those nothings have meant so much more than so many some things and still those beautiful memories of you haunt me day and night. So many sleepless nights have gone by thinking of you and yet so many nights will come where I'll loose my sleep with the lingering smiles of you which have en carved in my heart so deeply. You once told me that Love is beautiful and love don't hurt only people in love do, and these words dance on my mind when I think that you are doing the same now...hurting my heart, mind and soul. You are the only man who have the power to make me smile and cry. The only one who have the power to hurt me and sooth me. 

Love is test of patience but my patience have no boundaries when it comes to you. The undying desire to be with you and hold you is beyond your imagination and the hope of seeing you soon is greater than the patience of love I have. Your unspoken words of silence is becoming unbearable each day and it's only God above who knows how much it hurts me, how much tears I've shed and how much I miss being with you. There were times things were hard and I needed a shoulder to cry, there were times I felt hurt and needed your loving words and there were silent moments I just wanted you to hold me and only if you knew how much I suffer ....for you and your love.

The shadow of you always exist in my soul and every day this shadow gets longer and stronger in my life. I cling on to your existence strongly knowing the magical love we share is one of the most rarest and strongest any one can ever relate. 

I close my eyes and feelings flood through my veins, my tears fall creating wounds on my skin, bleeding the pain of this impossible love, because when I scream your name there is no answer, only the silence of the waves and the echo of my voice. For the many wounds caused by these tears I cry endlessly to show you that I loved you, I love you and will always love you.  

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At August 12, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Anonymous Power Angel said...

This is true love. These words say the feeling of love deep inside. Beautifully written


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